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  • Busnelli Reconstitued veneer

Busnelli Reconstitued veneer

  • August 8th, 2018

After 2 years of research and development, Print International is very happy to put a new Italian line of reconstituted veneer: Busnelli

Since 2000, Print International has built a solid reputation in the field of wood veneer; […]

  • Specified Metals – Digital Infusion

Specified Metals – Digital Infusion

  • July 31st, 2017

Digital Infusion is a high-definition digital print process that provides ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Images are infused into specialty coated metal surfaces to provide the most durable print medium available. With an array […]

  • Forescolor


  • April 23rd, 2017

ForesCOLOR® is a “one of a kind” product. It is not only unique for its look and color, but for its diverse extensive application possibilities.
Natural Look
Although it is essentially a manufactured product, ForesCOLOR® has […]

  • Barnwood


  • January 23rd, 2017

Looking for a reclaimed wood look without the reclaimed wood price? The Barnwood real wood veneer series is a great alternative to the heft and the cost of solid pieces of reclaimed wood. Barnwood […]