ForesCOLOR® is a “one of a kind” product. It is not only unique for its look and color, but for its diverse extensive application possibilities.

Natural Look

Although it is essentially a manufactured product, ForesCOLOR® has a textured surface that gives it a very special look and feeling unlike artificially painted surfaces.

Wear and Tear

Due to ForesCOLOR® being colored consistently all the way through, the panels can be scratched a number of times, but they are easy to repair. All that is required is sanding and re-lacquering and they are back to brand new.

Different Finishing Possibilities

ForesCOLOR® accepts any kind of finishing. By applying a glossy lacquer one can have a modern trendy look, and by applying oil one can create a slightly more conventional look. A mat or waxed look, and fire retardant and textured finishes are all achievable using ForesCOLOR®.

Easy to Assemble

During the planning stage of a project, architects and designers won’t have to worry about hiding the edges.

 ForesCOLOR® can be fitted without further finishing.

Sustainability/USGBC – LEED

ForesCOLOR® is manufactured from 50-60% recycled raw materials purchased from pallet and furniture manufacturers.  ForesCOLOR is FSC certified. As stated previously, the formaldehyde emissions of ForesCOLOR® are very low and it is considered non toxic according to US requirements since the emissions are below 0.1ppm. Also, ForesCOLOR® avoids the use of paints that often contain formaldehyde as a preservative.

Moisture and UV Resistance

The panels have to be lacquered on all edges but ForesCOLOR® may be used for kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. We have some customers using it externally, but it is best suited for interior applications.


ForesCOLOR is at least 30% stronger than standard MDF making it a lot more stable.

Colored Throughout

No need for expensive and toxic colored lacquering. However we do have customers using paint with ForesCOLOR® because it is much easier and more cost effective. It is easy to assemble as it does not require edging.