Inlay Dyed veneers

Print International presents its new inlay dyed veneers collection from Legno Quattro

The inlays are realized with high precision laser cut so that after the assembly and jointing, it is possible to obtain geometric or creativive figures. The inlays can be obtained by assembling 1 single wood essence (burls or boiserie) or by pulling together dyed […]

Textured Metals

Phenolic-backed, solid aluminum sheets with beautifully embossed textures. Our line of textured metals is the perfect combination of natural elements and geometry. Choose from a wide array of patterns from tulips and river rocks to basketweave and celtic.

Akupanel: the acoustic wood slats

Beautiful wood panels with the added benefit of superior sound absorption. Each fluted panel is faced with real wood veneer offering the color and grain variations of natural wood which can be stained or painted to complete your design

Laminate from Lab Designs and metals from Specified Metals are now available for your slats


Akupanel 3X1

Akupanel 3X1 is the new innovation from Acoustical Art Concepts who specialized in acoustic solutions with PET

Why 3×1? the slats are 3 ” wide with 1” space in between which give a completely different look than our standard Akupanel

The slats are pressed at high heat on black colored MDF with our Lab Designs laminates. […]

Pure Paper Laminates stands out at the AZ awards

It was june 22nd in Toronto. Architects and designers from around the world joined Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto to celebrate the 2018 AZ Awards. Azure Magazine presented awards in recognition of outstanding achievements in 20 categories
The Pure Paper laminate wins in the Architectural products category.
Called Pure Paper color and design by French […]


This new lightweight concrete is ready to install using PL-200

20 standards design and 7 colors are available. we can even sealed the product

custom sizes, custom color is available upon request

WINNER in the architectural product category at the NYCxDesign Awards 2018

LCDA is for interior and can be use for furniture, wall and even ceilling

Lab Designs Color-core ultra matte laminate

Lab designs adds 17 ultra matte colors in his line. Available in 4 x 10, those colors are colorthrough

Legno Quattro dyed veneer

Legnoquattro, Italian manufacturer of wood veneer offers a wide range of dyed wood veneer of very high quality. It is an exclusive partner of Print International for the Canadian market. Dyed natural veneer is a proven process. The veneer sheets are immersed in the dye so that it completely penetrates the veneer, giving a uniform tone […]

Busnelli Reconstitued veneer

After 2 years of research and development, Print International is very happy to put a new Italian line of reconstituted veneer: Busnelli

Since 2000, Print International has built a solid reputation in the field of wood veneer; natural veneers, dyed veneers and pre-finished veneers. Thanks to our expertise and our constant desire to meet the existing creative […]

Specified Metals – Digital Infusion

Digital Infusion is a high-definition digital print process that provides ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Images are infused into specialty coated metal surfaces to provide the most durable print medium available. With an array of functional and practical applications, we believe Digital Infusion provides a creative element that will enhance any design.

Benefits include:
Large format […]