Metal Screen

Metal Screens are made of mild steel that is laser cut with precision to create some very unique patterns. Once cut, a powder coat is applied to each screen to give the panel a clean, finished look. Our screens will be available in 10 gauge (.1406” or about 3mm) thickness and in standard 4×8’s […]

Ultra Matte laminate collection

We add 17 solid colors to our Lab Designs laminate collection.

Our new ultraMatte laminate has a no fingerprint finish and they are colorcore.

Available in 4 x 10 at a very competitive price


Bigger is BETTER! The line of Interlam “Super Rock” wall panels are larger than any other competing product in the market today. Stock sizes are 48” x 48”, which more than doubles the panel square footage of our closest competitors. Our larger panels reduce the number of seams required, decreases installation time and achieves the […]

Micro-thin Slate

Micro Thin Slate has been used in a number of unique and distinct applications.


Architectural uses include building facades, interior walls, flooring, columns, shower walls and much more. It is an attractive addition to many decors due to the products ease of installation and the ability to apply the product in areas where stone or […]

Motion 1

Motion I will create sensational surfaces that provide a wide variety of panels and components for the Furniture, Kitchen and Bath, Hospitality and Retail Industries. Motion I is characterized by high quality standards achieved through our passion and decades of proven experience.
Motion I is a product produced by applying natural wood or reconstituted Alpi […]



INTERLAM ® a été créé en 1985 en tant que distributeur de stratifié haute pression italien. Au cours des 23 dernières années, nous avons grandi pour devenir l’un des principaux fabricants de panneaux muraux sculptés et élargi notre gamme de composants architecturaux. INTERLAM ® est un concepteur et fabricant de PANNEAUX MURAUX SCULPTÉS, PANNEAUX […]